Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The lazy persons festive bunting. Quick and easy.

Deck the halls this Christmas with my 'lazy persons festive bunting'. I love the idea of lovingly cutting out fabric and stitching it all together...but it aint going to happen. It's quick, easy and cheap. I made some last year to decorate the house for a Christmas party thinking it wouldn't last and I could just toss it after Christmas, but I packed it away and what do you looks as good this year as it did the last! It was so effective that throughout the year I've made easter bunting and birthday bunting as well.
All you need is a stapler, scissors, ribbon and a festive themed pad of scrapbooking paper (which you can pick up from dollar shops or Big W etc).

Below. Fold opposite corners of the paper together to make a big triangle. 
Then fold the corners together again to make a smaller triangle. Press the fold line together well.
Cut across to make two triangles as shown. These will have the paper print on both sides.
Use all different colours and patterns if you feel adventurous. Lay them out flat ready to staple. You will end up with a spare bit of paper that you can make other Christmas crafts with.

Staple the side together to stop them opening.

Now staple them onto ribbon. Make sure you use even spacing, this will make them look nice.

I use three staples along the top.

Here is the finished product.

 I have probably made 15 metres of it and wouldn't have even used half the pad of paper.
Have fun.

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